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6 Week Group Program - The Fearless Traveler

A Guided Tour Out Of Anxiety for Churches and Small Groups.

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If you had enough faith this shouldn’t be happening...

There have been countless times when you've witnessed a trainwreck at the altar.

It goes like this:

A panic ridden church member who is recovering from trauma or a close friend who has been struggling with an anxiety disorder has finally found the courage to reach out for prayer and support....

You brace yourself in your pew, knowing they need Jesus and the support of the church but there is also a side of you who is gearing up to dive bomb the altar and intercept the good ole' pat on the shoulder ... “Just give it to God” or “Be anxious about nothing.”

Or worse - “Look for hidden sin.” 😖


You’d love to create a safe space for people to work through their anxiety challenges in your church, but how do you break the stigma around mental health and change the way we help those bound in fear?

Many have confided in you that they’re afraid they’ll be seen as weak or a lost cause.

And that breaks your heart.

You don’t want your friends, family or community to feel scared, disqualified or alone.

After all, you already know that...

Most Christians struggling with anxiety are doing what every good disciple should do:

Reading the Bible and praying (sometimes for hours!)

Doing their best to reach out for community or support from Christian friends.

Desperately trying to think on whatever is good and true.

But their anxiety only gets worse.


As a leader you want to offer solutions.

As an anxiety sufferer, they want something beyond pat answers and pillow cushion sayings.

And most of all, they want to break down the walls of ISOLATION and experience FREEDOM!

Well, do I have GOOD NEWS for you!

There is an answer...


Since I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder in 2015 --

Yes, it happens to devout Christians too --

I’ve made it my MISSION to take control of my mental health, grow my faith, and help others do the same.

So far I’ve helped hundreds of people find freedom from anxiety - and stay free!

Hey there, I’m Sarah!

Award-winning author, winner of the David Mainse Best Blog of the Year Award, mom to five, football fanatic, camping addict, spa pro and mental illness survivor.

Back in 2015, I was having racing thoughts, sudden and crazy panic attacks, sleeping sitting up for 6 months, and feeling like a shadow - *a whisper-thin shadow* - of my true self.

I was terrified. I was ashamed. And I’d felt completely and utterly alone.

I guess you could say...

I know a thing or two about living with anxiety and depression ...

I know it holds you hostage and steals your life.

It's not like a broken leg or a headache or “a rough patch” (if only, right?) --

It slowly chisels you apart from your faith, your mind and your physical body.

Somehow, as my ordered world came crashing down around me, I harnessed my last remaining bit of faith and cried out for help.

I curled into a ball and begged God to heal me.

I was done. I asked God "What's wrong with my mind?"

But then in the silence, I felt the love of God telling me that there was nothing wrong with my mind, that it was a gift, I just needed to know how to use it.

I wiped my tears and rolled up my sleeves. A Gift?! This anxious mind was a gift?!

I was determined to find the answer to freedom from anxiety at all costs.

I needed to learn how to use my mind to find peace and joy instead of dread and depression.

I had a lot to fight for.

I interrogated doctors with dozens of questions. I scoured the internet for answers - medical, physical, nutritional, and spiritual. I went to therapy, tried medication, walked everyday, but most of all I begged God for answers and devoured His Word looking for freedom.

Then one day, I noticed that I went 15 minutes without a panicked thought for the first time in ages, then I left my house more than once during the week, and then eventually I felt like I recognized the person in the mirror for the first time in years.

I started playing with my kids again.

I looked forward to going to church and sitting in the service.

I could make it through a date with my husband and I RESTED.

My friends rejoiced, we have our fun Sarah back!


I knew that I couldn’t keep my story silent. My path to freedom wasn’t meant to be kept a secret--

Which astounded me because there was a time where I would’ve rather walked down Main Street in a giant sequenced banana costume than tell the world what I was dealing with --

But it turned out MANY Christians were struggling the same way.

Once I received that first email from a businessman - who had been crippled by anxiety to the point that he couldn’t function as a father and husband - I KNEW that I had to reach out and help as many people as I could.

I created a course using *exactly* the same biblical principles and practical help I used on myself.

As more and more students became free, a pressing need started to emerge.

I received countless emails, FB comments and questions at live events:

Was there anything available

for churches to use?

Pastors, leaders, church members were all wondering, “How can we…

... provide help and resources for people in our church and community who are facing these challenges?”

... drive down the rates of suicide among the Body of Christ?

... come around a struggling mother whose walking through postpartum depression?

... support young and old church members who are living with a constant sense of dread?

It wasn’t like churches, pastors, and ministers didn’t want to help. They just didn’t know where to start!

They needed resources from someone who had walked the path and found victory.

That’s when I decided to take my successful personal course and turn it into a group program!

Now Christians can come together and walk towards healing and freedom - not isolated and alone - but with a group of fellow believers walking side by side.

And that program - along with other helpful resources, a class guide, and video lessons - is exactly what’s waiting for you on the other side of the big gold buttons on this page.

It worked for me.

It worked for my family.

And it’s worked for hundreds of my students and readers.

"I would just like to let you know how very thankful I am that you have started this ministry. My only complaint is that I did not find it sooner. I had paralyzing anxiety and panic attacks.Your course has given me the correct tools to help me walk out of anxiety and into healing. I love how you make it so simple and easy to understand. I recommend your course to those I know who are going through the same journey." - Amanda

So if you’re feeling anxious and defeated right now, I want you to know you are NOT alone and this ISN’T a life sentence.

And if you’re a minister or church member who is set on creating a safe place for yourself and others who struggle with anxiety, then rest assured that...

I’m going to help you with caring for those who are suffering from anxiety and depression in a safe and non-judgmental way.

Say hello to the Fearless Traveler

Group Program!

AKA the 6 week course PROVEN to take you from Fearful to Fearless!


Week 1- Map Your Journey

  • Immediately learn how to re-frame your fear and regain a sense of control
  • Jumpstart the next 6 weeks by creating a unique-to-you roadmap.
  • Discover the spiritual purpose of fear and how to move from torment to THIS powerful place instead

Week 2 – Pack the Essentials

  • Uncover the 5 most common lies of fear - (and the one that looks like sound advice)
  • How to move from foe to friend with fear.THIS is the lesson that students agree is the game-changer

Week 3 –All ABoard!

  • Discover the first thing you should be doing every morning to set the day up for peace
  • The #1 Question you MUST ask when fear shows up
  • Develop a “travel list” of resources to take you from panic to powerful (these cut the intensity of your panic attacks drastically)

Week 4 – LESSON 4

  • How to avoid getting sucked dry by life and expectations so that you can flourish
  • Scripture solutions to silence fear, torment and doubt and permanently renew the mind.


  • Experience spiritual deliverance through love, prayer and scripture
  • Get rid of the life script written by false beliefs and negative words AND write a new fearless faith story instead!


  • Learn how to STOP intrusive thoughts BEFORE they take you out
  • Feel renewed about reclaiming your life back

The Fearless Traveler Group Program is like nothing else out there

  • It gives you a DEEP DIVE into scripture with practical application and super simple steps (aka stuff you can handle, even in the darkest, murkiest depths of anxiety)
  • It equips your church with the tools necessary for helping congregation members find freedom from anxiety
  • It comes in a journey format so that you and your group can “travel” step by step in a logical, well mapped-out order

  • Group discussion question guide to open up dialogue and create a safe space for sharing
  • And it FITS IN WITH YOUR LIFESTYLE… you need just one evening a week to meet with your group (it even works if you want to space your classes out to a restful pace of 2x a month!)

And, just so we’re clear, here are the changes you can expect to see in the first three weeks…

After the first class, you will have a UNIQUE personal roadmap for your healing, tailor-made for you

During week two, you’ll learn how to take the intimidation out of fear and give a HARD STOP to panic attacks

Week Three, you’ll have a simple and easy solution for creating peaceful mornings and evenings so that you can go through your day feeling energized and RESTED!

And a couple of days after that, you’ll be feeling hopeful, connected to God in a fresh way and starting to see major progress

And you’re not even halfway through the course...



Real Life-Changing Results

(from the mouths of real-life class members)

I would not be where I am today without Sarah's help.

I am a Godly woman, a prayerful woman but anxiety had rendered me helpless. I had a complete breakdown in April of 2018 and went into a deep pit of hopelessness and despair. Panic and anxiety were my constant friends. And I had no idea what was happening to me. I would not be where I am today without Sarah's help. Fearless Traveler’s Program is vital because to truly be completely healed you have to journey through a process. And it really takes someone who has been there to help you do it. I am thankful the leadership of my church did not downplay what was going on with me but all they could do was pray and try to understand.You have to have spiritual tools AND practical tools in your toolbox to overcome panic and anxiety. Sarah knows this and made those tools available in The Fearless Traveler program and I am forever grateful!



Over five years ago, everything came crashing down as I began a most gruelling journey through anxiety and panic. My family did everything they could to help me but they just didn’t know what to do. They felt helpless and grieved to see me in that state. As I took Sarah’s course, I was able to share with my family what I needed or didn’t need because she had it outlined so perfectly. Sarah’s course has brought me so much freedom. Now I have the tools that are actually useful and manageable in my mental state. I am nowhere near the place I was 5 years ago! The church needs to be better at understanding how to be mentally healthy and have tools to help those who struggle with mental illness. I strongly recommend Sarah’s course. It has the Holy Spirit all over it!


It has greatly decreased the anxiety and fear.

Before Fearless Traveler Course my anxiety was so severe that I couldn't leave my bed. I couldn't figure out how to resolve this constant dread I was experiencing.I felt alone and scared that this was going to be my life.Then I came across Sarah's course. I signed up and I am so thankful I did! Each lesson is filled with tools and resources to help me overcome what I was going through. The course allowed me to finally get to the root of the fear and anxiety I was experiencing. I started to see the destructive lies I was believing and started replacing them with the truth through God's word. It has greatly decreased the anxiety and fear. I don't feel the constant dread and can actually live and not have fear dictate my choices. Thank you Sarah. I am thankful for you!


The Fearless Traveler Group Program gives you everything you need to live Free from Anxiety in 12 weeks

Once you’re in, you get...

The complete course layout in a 6 week suggested timeline for your group. As well as helpful dates for when you should promote, set a sign up deadline and have class members order their workbooks.

ACCESS TO A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP WHERE YOU CAN RECEIVE ADDITIONAL SUPPORT. Ask questions, share your experience, and get support from me and all the other group leaders in the course.

Ten lessons for you to watch with your class with suggested outlines. Access the course anywhere, anytime you want on any device

Download your Leader’s Guide to keep your class organized. Need promotional materials to promote the class? I got you! Download posters, video trailer and social media posts


And that’s not all…

The Fearless Traveler Group Program

comes with my very own personal promise to you

I want you to have the opportunity to try this group program 100% risk free.

That’s why I’m including...

My 30 Day Fearless Yes

Money Back Guarantee

If your group and you do the work for the first 30 days of the course and don’t start to see some of the results I laid out for you earlier

  • Increased sense of peace
  • A deeper connection with God and His word
  • Better understanding of your body
  • Serious tools for handling your anxiety symptoms
  • And the all-important feeling of returning to your real self

You let me know, and I will give you ALL YOUR MONEY BACK.

This is not one of those money back guarantees where you’ll spend 12 hours on hold wondering if someone is even around to collect your information....

This is you, sending my reliable team an email [email protected]

Along with your journal and tracking from those first 30 days to show you’ve done the work --

And getting a response and a refund within three working days.

It’s my way of making sure that any uncertainty doesn’t hold you back from finally getting a workable, unique-to-you solution.

We’re in this together!



Say goodbye to your symptoms and come back to life

Both plans give you instant lifetime access and my 30 Day Fearless Yes Money Back Guarantee.

It’s no risk, all reward!

You choose your pricing!

The Fearless Traveler Group Program is PERFECT for you, even if

  • YOU’VE NEVER BEEN IN A GROUP STUDY BEFORE You know how isolating anxiety can be. A group program gives you a place to learn that you aren’t alone.
  • YOU'VE NEVER LEAD A GROUP STUDY BEFORE The program offers a leaders a private Facebook group with me as your guide to help you lead with wisdom!
  • YOU DON’T HAVE A DIAGNOSIS You do not need to be clinically diagnosed to attend the class. This class is for you if you struggle with anxiety - whether that’s mild anxiety or severe. There’s a place for you.
  • YOU WANT TO LEAD BUT STRUGGLE TOO You are not disqualified because you are struggling. This program is for you too and your group will thank you for having the courage to lead them out of anxiety with you.
  • YOU HAVE A GREAT DOCTOR OR COUNSELLOR This course is not a replacement for your doctor or counsellor. This is an extra support for you. It’s designed to equip you with additional resources in an easy to complete format
  • LIFE IS BUSY AND COMPLICATED Especially if life is busy and complicated, this is FOR YOU! Attending this group will help bring focus and attention to taking care of you so you can better handle the life season you are in
  • YOU FEEL OVERWHELMED AND ADRIFT Knowing what step to take next brings relief and a sense of direction. Take out the guesswork and follow the easy to execute steps towards FREEDOM

Fearless Traveler Group Program is based

on practical and biblical principles,

not magic

Anxiety doesn’t just get up and walk away on its own.

You have to do the work to get the results.

This isn’t about striving though. This is about taking steps of faith.

You need to put what you learn into practice --

One day at a time, one moment at a time (← really, that is ALL it takes) --

To get REAL, lasting change.


Lasting change that can be YOURS and looks like:

  • Waking up every morning FEELING HOPEFUL
  • Going to bed every night READY for a restful sleep
  • Taking control of panic attacks and GAINING SELF-CONFIDENCE
  • Finally understanding your body and TAKING CONTROL of your mental health
  • Growing closer to God and RENEWING your faith
  • Getting your life back

The Fearless Traveler Course turned Kylie's life around!

The FearlessTraveler course is 'superfood' for my soul that helped to nourish me back to health. Her book and course were KEY helps in my healing. She helped me to disarm anxiety and walk in increasing measures of confidence as she explained anxiety, its symptoms, and the principles and practices of healing. What a GIFT!

Even today, a couple of years after having done the course, certain statements I heard on her videos, still run through my mind and remind me of truth when a distortion of truth threatens my peace. Sarah, my words fall short for the thankfulness that is in my heart.


It turned Crystal from panicked to praising!“I have learned so much! I have learned about grace for the first time in my life. I am no longer ashamed to take my meds when I need them, but I am also working towards not needing them!I have come closer to God through this course and am so grateful!

I have started going back to church, sometimes I have anxiety the whole time, but I am there again. I am praying about teaching dance again, when 6 months ago I was terrified to exercise at all.

I am still going through it, but I can see glimpses of the other side. I know God is with me now and that I am ok. I am also hoping to be able to start a small group with the group course when it comes because the one thing I’m missing is people to go through this with.

I’ve isolated myself as many do with anxiety, and I’m ready to not hide anymore.”


This course has literally changed my life!

This course has literally changed my life. Prior to taking this course, I had been struggling with huge anxiety and had also went thru a time of depression. I had gone thru some huge tragedies and losses in a very short amount of time. At the time, I was on full time staff at a local church and felt like I had to uphold a facade that wasn’t realistic. Almost 2 years ago, I found myself laying in a hospital bed wondering what had just happened. I'm suppose to have it all together. I am the strong one. I’m supposed to be trusting in God. I had grown up in the church from a young teenager thru my entire adulthood serving in ministry and had come on staff full time just a few years before this. My husband and I had modeled for our kids what it meant to serve and have a relationship with the Lord. I’m suppose to have it all together.

As I began to go thru the course, something clicked for me. I so appreciated how real you were. A normal person who lived in the real world and had struggles, but came out on top. I found hope again. I began to notice that I was having more good days then bad. I had finally began to live in the now and realized how much I have to take care of myself before I can help others. I have to keep my prayer life and time in the word my #1 top priority. As I was going thru this course I kept feeling like others needed to hear this and was so excited when I heard that you were putting together this course in a group format. Thank you so much for sharing what God has placed on your heart. ❤️ I’m looking forward to helping others with the story that God has given me!



In 6 weeks, your story could be here.

Now this is a future AND a hope!

All your crippling, life-ruining anxiety symptoms could be disappearing behind you…

And you could be coming back to life.

You choose your pricing!

Here’s some honest words for you and your anxiety.

The real risk you’re facing at the moment isn’t getting your hopes up or wasting your money…

(Remember my money-back guarantee?)

The real risk is doing nothing.

(And I’m not saying this to make a sale - that’s not how I roll)

I’m saying it because I’ve lived through the dark tunnel of anxiety AND come out the other side.

I absolutely understand where you’re at, what you’re facing and what’s possible --

And I’m offering you the exact process that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I am the right person to come alongside your group, link arms and help you march past anxiety.

I take a no striving approach and break everything down to very simple, easy-to-do steps.

I make it very doable while keeping Jesus the central focus.

This doesn’t have to be scary.

This doesn’t have to be isolating.

And the way you’re feeling now… it doesn’t have to be forever.

Trust me when I say you’re gonna be okay.

See you on the inside!

Sarah Ball
Be Fearless

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What if people in the group have different severities of anxiety?
Anxiety comes in many different forms of intensity from a restless sleep, to a worried mind to crippling mental illness but they all stem from the same root cause and they will all benefit from the same tools, applications, and study.
I am not a counselor or therapist am I qualified to lead?
Great question and something I had asked myself once when I first started loving on people with anxiety and depression. I soon realized that though I was not a trained professional and that I needed to leave that part of their healing to the individual and their counselor, I was, however, filled with compassion, empathy and a deep desire to see people set free. That is all that is needed on your part!
Will you be available for questions and guidance?
Yup! Part of purchasing this course is a private Facebook page for leaders. This is a safe place for you to ask questions, get some advice from me if you come across a hiccup with a course follower. After 6 years of experience, I am more than ready to help you.
Who is this course for?
This course is for men and women of all ages. Recommended 17 years +
What if I struggle with anxiety too, am I disqualified to lead?
NOPE, you are beyond qualified. When we journey alongside someone and often when we help others in the midst of our own healing it gives us purpose beyond our circumstances and everyone benefits! As long as you are bringing encouragement, you’re setting an example and you’re taking care of your mental health first.
Is there anything extra that I need to run the class?
Look at you - Already running the group like a great leader! Yes, there is a workbook that each student will need to purchase before attending the first class. Your Leader Package will come with an easy-peasy email you copy and paste to send out to the class members. A direct link for them to order the workbook is in the email. (Yes, I made it that easy for you!)

Say YES! to the Journey to Freedom and start running a Fearless Traveler Course


Overcome your symptoms, grow closer to God and come back to life

Both plans give you instant lifetime access and my 30 Day Fearless YES Money Back Guarantee.

It’s no risk, all reward, my friend!

You choose your pricing!

Your Travel Guide

Sarah Ball
Sarah Ball

Sarah E. Ball, is an award winning author, speaker and mental illness survivor. She inspires others to live fearlessly by sharing her humor, vulnerability and wisdom on overcoming anxiety. Sarah offers fearless hope to many through her award winning blog –, online courses, speaking and book – Fearless in 21 Days, A Survivor’s Guide To Overcoming Anxiety (Published by Hachette and Faithwords).

You choose your pricing!